5.5m Class Australian Championship 2014 Highlights

The 5.5m Class Australian Championship 2014 was held on March 27 and 28, and was hosted by Vaucluse Yacht Club. Five races were completed over a period of two days with a total of nine boats in participation. Though a total of seven races were on the schedule, two were abandoned due to a lack of wind.

fleet spinnaker

The 5.5m North American Regatta 2014

Over the last years 5.5's have been seen sailing again in Canadian and US waters. Now, the first North American Regatta of 5.5m boats since 1997 will take place in Ontario, Canada, announced by John Lister:

This coming June 13/14/15 2014 we have planned a regatta to be held in Midland Ontario, Canada. Already four boats are signed up and there is the possibility of a loaner boat for a team that would like to join in but cannot bring their own boat. Fellowship and camaraderie will be a big focus of this freshwater event.



New Boats

In Northern Italy, 5.5 SUI 227 "CinqueCinque" is in the final stages of building. The ballast has been added, weighing has met the requirements and all of us are looking forward to the launching. Follow the details & pictures on the AM-55 Website: http://www.alain-marchand.com/Site_AM08/Images.html

5.5 SUI 227 - The Alain Marchand project