Racing Calendar
5.5 Calendar

The Class offers a wide range of International regattas in selected prime locations.

Many of the 5.5 Metre owners and crew are traveling long distance for both experiencing fascinating destinations and true camaraderie. Shown below are the dates of the International events but many 5.5’s local fleets are regularly enjoying racing as well. Please contact the National Class Associations for their respective schedules.

Calendar overview [PDF]

Calendar Addresses for:

End August | World Championship | Denmark, Copenhagen (KDY)

Proposal | World Championship | Australia
Proposal | World Championship | Bahamas
Proposal | European Championship | Baltic Sea | Germany

Proposal | World Championship | Benodet (YCO), Bretagne | France

Proposal | World Championship | Cowes | United Kingdom

Proposal | World Championship | Glücksburg (FSC), Flensburg Firth | Germany